Meet the Team

Our Park Dream is made up of a husband and wife team. Together we have several years experience in campgrounds, recreation, and the service industry. We both have various strengths that we bring to the project and we are always on the lookout on ways to further our experience and knowledge base.

Spearheading this project is wife, Michelle. 

Michelle has worked at West Virginia State Parks' largest campground since 2015. She has held many positions, including campground attendant, office clerk, activities aide, and camp store manager. She has experience with the ins and outs of the long term and day to day operations of a campground. She has experience with budgeting, vendors, maintenance, cleaning, supplies and entertainment, not to mention she is the type of person who thinks paperwork is fun; she is also experienced with the business side of operations. Before working for state parks, Michelle managed two restaurants and currently co-owns a home decor retail shop. She also studied Management and Accounting at Marshall University.  She is also an avid backpacker, hiker, and enjoys running in Mud Runs in her spare time. 

During the beginning phases of this project, her goals are to increase awareness of the Dream, create social media outlets, create and implement creative and fun fund raising opportunities. During later phases, she will be designing the layout, working with contractors for design and function, picking up a hammer and doing some work herself, mowing a lot, and more fund raising.
After completion of the beginning phases and the park is in operation, she will be doing most of the office work, reservations, and day to day managing of the park.

Also spearheading is husband, Brian.

Brian has worked as a Naturalist in the West Virginia State Parks system since 2016. He plans and executes small and large group events, activities, lectures, classes, and educational adventures. He also has worn many hats in the parks system. He is a Naturalist, but has also served as a park aide, a office clerk, a store clerk, a boat rental clerk, a maintenance worker, and a kayaking instructor. Brian's strengths lay in people. Brian is a natural public speaker, a creative thinker, and big plan kind of guy. Brian has been working with large groups of people for almost 15 years now. He was involved in many non-profit startups that required a lot of fund raising and social awareness. Brian is the guy that creates what he wants in his life. He is a Marshall University graduate with a dual degree in Sociology and German. While attending college, he created a German student organization and won President of the Year of student organizations. Brian is motivated by helping people and the environment, and making people happy. He also has a great love of the outdoors that was instilled in him as a child and further strengthen as a boy scout, ultimately obtaining Eagle Scout, and then again after college when he entered the state parks system. He also enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking, bush-crafting, mountain biking, and teaching others about these things. 

During the beginning phases of this project, Brian will be responsible for social awareness, fund raising, designing, and feasibility studies.  He will also evaluate potential sites for possible wildlife impact and suitability for future amenities. He will also assist with design and construction. He will spend a lot of time painting.  After the park is in operation, Brian will be in charge of long term plans, future goals, guest relations, and event coordination. He will assist in the day to day operations and will be mowing a lot. 

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